Impact of Artificial intelligence on Logistics

Artificial Intelligence has made it into our lives a while back and continues to make an impact. From playing chess against a computer to Siri, Alexa and detecting cancer cells, A.I. is here to stay.

The logistics industry is beginning to invest in A.I. heavily starting with the shipping companies such as Maersk and CMA. Soon we will be able to see more efficient shipments at a lesser cost.

To those of you who watch futuristic movies, rest assured the Artificial Intelligence will not take over the world, we will not be ruled by robots.

Artificial Intelligence is about machine learning and learning (input) requires processing power. There just isn’t enough processing power in the world to match the power of the human brain. To clarify further it took 90,000 processers 1 hour to process what 1/100 of the brain to process in 1 second. You do that math.

When it comes to logistics, Artificial Intelligence is lagging behind other fields. Ocean Shipping Companies, are developing software to better track Ocean Freight shipments minute by minute.

In the next 5-10 years, we might be able to see driverless trucks making deliveries, robots in the warehouse will be able to determine which box to use for a specific item. The shipping software will automatically decide on the best shipping method at the least cost depending on the variables presented.

Tech giants, like Amazon, have been using Artificial Intelligence to determine which location an item should be shipped from to minimize the cost and expedite the shipment, Omnichannel Fulfillment.

Efficiency of the supply chain will continue to improve with the implementation of A.I.

Will Artificial Intelligence Replace us?

You need to understand that as long as A.I. lacks consciousness, human interventions will always be needed.  Our input will guide A.I.  so, for you dreamers out there, please come back to reality and for those of you afraid of technology, do not worry, robots will not make us obsolete simply because there is no power more dominating than the human brain. Just ask Microsoft about the failed Tay experiment. A.I. has to be able to perceive and act.


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