Omnichannel Order fulfillment

Omnichannel order fulfillment Or (Omni Channel) is the order fulfillment across multiple channels. To put it simply, it is about order completion.  It does not matter where the order is being shipped from as long as it is completed at the lowest cost to the retailer.

Omnichannel Fulfillment is about having inventory available across all channels from one location. In one case it is the retailer’s website.

Omnichannel Order fulfillment Simplified

You are a retailer who received an online order from a customer for one of your products. If the product is available in your Distribution Center or 3PL Warehouse, it ships from there, if not, it could ship from one of your retails outlets or a partner.

It is about completing the order and creating a great customer experience. Which  Order Fulfillment strategy should be used when an order is received? The answer is: The most cost effective fulfillment process.

Types of Fulfillment Channels

1- Straight order in warehouse fulfillment

This means that the order will be shipped from the warehouse, DC or 3PL Company as it is received. If the product is not available at that location, order is not shipped even though it might be available at a retail outlet or a drop ship from the vendor.

2- Multi Channel Fulfillment

Inventory is available at different locations from warehouses to retail outlets and vendors however it lacks integration. Multichannel is identified by a non-integrated way to approach customers and inventory.

3-Omnichannel Fulfillment.

Similar to multichannel with a major difference, It requires coherent and absolute inventory integration.

Challenges to Ominchannel fulfillment

A resistant culture. The retailer has to learn new methods of fulfillment which is not always easy and some top managers might resist.

Where to start?

Adopting Omni Channel fulfillment is not easy. You first have to choose an Ominchannel fulfillment strategy that is easiest for people to embrace.

Omni Channel fulfillment is about cutting costs and faster completion of orders. Adopting Omnichannel fulfillment means that that should one fulfillment route fail, the operations can pivot to an alternative.

When your order is placed with a retailer, the order is filled immediately from either the DC, 3PL company, the vendor or a partner without you even having to worry where the order is coming from. That is what Omnichannel fulfillment is all about.

International 3Pl has been a major partner with many retailers adopting Omnichannel fulfillment. We are an integral part of the strategies adopted by many retailers.


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