Warehousing Services

Warehousing Services

International 3PL is a Warehousing Services Provider. Our Services include:  distribution and order fulfillment services. We also will transport or store your product at an affordable rate. Since we operate in Many countries, we can handle all of your local transportation,  and storage needs.

If you are involved in selling products, most probably you will need our services.

We also have the resources to fulfill your regional, national and international storage and transportation needs. Whether you require pallet storage for commercial and larger items or bulk storage for oversized or specialty products, we have the optimal solution for you.

In conclusion: We can meet your warehousing and distribution demands anywhere and anytime.

Our warehousing Services Include

  • Freight transportation
  • Distribution services
  • Local pickup and delivery
  • Deconsolidation of containers
  • Secured facilities
  • Inventory visibility
  • Single point of contact
  • Variable costing
  • Fulfillment/kitting services
  • Rack and floor space options
  • Climate controlled storage

Warehouse Management Services

Even though warehousing might seem easy to many, there are many steps that need to be followed in order to deliver a good warehousing solution.

The receiving process provides options for verification of receipts against purchase orders, advanced shipping notices or blind receipts based on your operational needs. Problem product can be placed into quarantine with a reason code so as to avoid confusion. Configuration enables an appropriate put-away location to be identified as products are received, allowing operators to process more efficiently and get product put away into stock quickly so that orders can be processed faster

Waving is the process of grouping orders and activating them for processing.

Based on your business rules,  If Quality Control is required, the check is performed during the receiving process. Any item that fails the QC is placed into a quarantine zone for additional handling.

Inventory control is important, that is why Cycle counting is used to check and maintain accurate inventory and many companies employ rigorous cycle count programs as part of an overall strategy to move away from having to perform a physical inventory.

Proper packing and shipping is important to minimize monthly freight bills while meeting customer delivery expectations while maintaining low cost. The pack process is used to prepare orders for shipping and can be performed by the operator scanning each item for a complete order audit or by a single scan of the container or order to accept it as picked.

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