Export Services

Export Services

International 3PL specializes in export services to many countries around the globe. Our Export services cover all types of Cargo including personal effects shipping. We ensure the smooth transit of your products to their final destination around the world.

Exporting is vital for growing your business. Knowing how to deliver your product to a new market is a critical for your success.

International 3PL’s Export services are designed to simplify the process and have the orders shipping as quickly as possible.

What you need to know about Exporting

Freight Forwarders

An international freight forwarder is an agent for the exporter in moving cargo to an overseas destination. These agents are familiar with the import rules and regulations of foreign countries, the export regulations of the U.S. government, the methods of shipping, and the documents related to foreign trade.

Freight forwarders assist exporters in preparing price quotations by advising on freight costs, port charges, consular fees, costs of special documentation, insurance costs, and their handling fees, that is why it is important to work with a reputable freight forwarder.


Exporters should be aware of the demands that international shipping puts on packaged goods. Exporters should jeep four potential problems in mind when designing an export shipping crate: breakage, moisture, pilferage and excess weight.

Buyers are often familiar with the port systems overseas, so they will often specify packaging requirements. If the buyer does not specify this, be sure the goods are prepared using these guidelines


Specific marking and labeling is used on export shipping cartons and containers to:

  • Meet shipping regulations;
  • Ensure proper handling;
  • Conceal the identity of the contents;
  • Help receivers identify shipments; and
  • Insure compliance with environmental and safety standards.

The overseas buyer usually specifies which export marks should appear on the cargo for easy identification by receivers Therefore communication with the importer is essential


While Exporters can prepare the documents themselves, its advisable that exporters should seriously consider having the freight forwarder handle the formidable amount of documentation that exporting requires as forwarders are specialists in this process. The following documents are commonly used in exporting; but which of them are necessary in a particular transaction depends on the requirements of the U.S. government and the government of the importing country.

  • Air freight shipments are handled by air waybills, which can never be made in negotiable form
  • A bill of lading is a contract between the owner of the goods and the carrier (as with domestic shipments).
  • A commercial invoice is a bill for the goods from the seller to the buyer. These invoices are often used by governments to determine the true value of goods when assessing customs duties.
  • A certificate of origin is a document that is required in certain nations. It is a signed statement as to the origin of the export item.
  • A NAFTA certificate of origin is required for products traded among the NAFTA countries (Canada, the United States, and Mexico).
  • Inspection certification is required by some purchasers and countries in order to attest to the specifications of the goods shipped. This is usually performed by a third party and often obtained from independent testing organizations.
  • A dock receipt and a warehouse receipt are used to transfer accountability when the export item is moved by the domestic carrier to the port of embarkation and left with the ship line for export.
  • A destination control statement appears on the commercial invoice, and ocean or air waybill of lading to notify the carrier and all foreign parties that the item can be exported only to certain destinations.

Documents Required by US Government

  • A Shipper’s Export Declaration(SED) is used to control exports and act as a source document for official U.S. export statistics.
  • An export license is a government document that authorizes the export of specific goods in specific quantities to a particular destination. This document may be required for most or all exports to some countries or for other countries only under special circumstances.
  • An export packing list considerably more detailed and informative than a standard domestic packing list. 


The handling of transportation is similar for domestic and export orders. Export marks are added to the standard information on a domestic bill of lading. These marks show the name of the exporting carrier and the latest allowed arrival date at the port of export consequently, instructions for the inland carrier to notify the international freight forwarder by telephone upon arrival should also be included.


Export shipments are usually insured against loss, damage, and delay in transit by cargo insurance. Carrier liability is frequently limited by international agreements. Additionally, the coverage is substantially different from domestic coverage. Arrangements for insurance may be made by either the buyer or the seller, in accordance with the terms of sale. Exporters are advised to consult with international insurance carriers or freight forwarders for more information.

Although sellers and buyers can agree to different components, coverage is usually placed at 110 percent of the CIF (cost, insurance, freight) or CIP (carriage and insurance paid to) value


Finally, it is very important to consider the effects of tariffs, port handling fees, and taxes when determining your product’s final cost as they can be high. Typically, the importer pays these charges. However, these costs will influence how much the buyer is willing to pay for your product.

When you are ready to export your order, our staff will make sure that the process is made easy so you can focus on your core business. That is why you can count on our worldwide network to support your export needs.

Benefits of our export services

  • Meeting export administration guidelines
  • Streamlining your export business from order through delivery
  • Enhancing compliance rates while controlling costs and increasing efficiencies
  • Increasing visibility of transactions to your trading partners worldwide.
  • We deal with the oceans of paperwork.
  • Most of all : We ship your goods, as if they were our own

Our concept is very simple: We have the expertise and the connections to make your experience a pleasant one. and most importantly our Export Services are not limited to shipping cargo, we also can handle your warehousing and distribution services.

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