Preparing for a circular Economy

Regulations will continue to evolve in support of the circular economy. Circular economy, in short, is about setting targets on waste and recycling. This directly affects certain Logistics Services  such as reverse logistics,  packaging and fulfillment.

The EU’s Circular economy package went into force in 2018. U.S. and other countries are likely to follow. Expect to see significant carbon emissions regulations in the next few years.

International 3Pl has always provided reverse logistics services to its clients reducing the carbon foot print associated with excessive handling and transportation of returned products.

Our Order fulfillment services focus on forward distribution as well as reverse logistics which is key to a circular economy.

Recycling of boxes is at the core of our packaging services . We reuse most of the boxes that we receive for shipping out parcels without compromising the look or integrity of the shipment.

We are currently experimenting with single use boxes especially with our last mile services. We deliver then make sure to get the box back to be used in future shipments.

We are planning on applying the same practices at all of our locations.


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