PO Management

What is PO Management ?

Purchase Order ManagementPurchase order management is an internal business function. Companies use a purchasing process to acquire inventories, operational assets and other items needed to produce goods or services. Purchase orders represent an process that gives specific instructions for purchasing different resources.it is well-defined purchase order process. purchase order management policies are created to ensure employees follow standard operating procedures for this process.

What does a PO Management System Offer?


Purchase Order Monitoring

Vendor Compliance

Product Collection and Booking

Consolidation and Customs Loading

Real-Time Data

Upstream System Tracking

Order Management Bookings

Origin Pre-Distribution programs

This program allows importers to ship the product according to current market conditions without paying the re-handling costs of de-consolidation at destination.

Consolidation Services

Optimize container loading and shipment flow through consolidation of LCL shipments. Order to reflect demand reducing carrying costs, inventory levels, order to cash cycle, and transportation costs.

Vendor Liaison

Origin teams coordinate with vendors and/or buying offices to: Maintain purchase order database, coordinate vendor booking and equipment, meet delivery requirements and collect and follow-up with documents.

Purchase Order Management

Order Management captures Purchase Order (PO) details to 3 levels down from the PO (PO, Item, SKU [color/size]) to monitor booking, receiving and shipping. Information captured within Order Management and the subsequent reporting capabilities further enhance abilities to manage purchase orders and overall cargo flow. Customers can print container manifests & vessel summaries, query by buyer, DC, division and others. PO’s are received via EDI, or proprietary format.

Vendor Management

Order Management vendor management and vendor education programs educate vendors on Order Management practices and unique requirements of our customers. Clear communication and understanding operational and documentation requirements support a smooth supply chain. Additional vendor management programs are available.


Order Management document services include preparation, collection, verification, dispatch and follow-up. Our staff can assist you with your commercial documentation needs.

Value Added

Origin services include: Ex-factory trucking, origin pre-distribution, production / assembly visibility, bar coding, GOH, ticketing, labeling, scanning, facilitation of inspection space, multiple country consolidation, sample forwarding, DC bypass loads, sea-air conversion and others.

Warehouse Operations


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