Procurement services

Procurement is the processing of acquiring new products or services. It is a fancy name for obtaining or getting. The phrase has been used mostly by the Military. It took a new meaning once it became part of the supply chain and logistics arena.

Products could be procured or acquired locally or internationally. For a business to continue to thrive it has to constantly look for new products. The demand for new products by consumers continues to put pressure on companies to reach out to various manufacturers all over the world for new products.

International 3PL Procurement Services

As a Third Party Logistics Company, International 3PL, through its contract logistics division has decided to offer procurement services at no charge for its existing Order Fulfillment clients.

Let us assume that you are a company based in Colorado who handles distribution of cellular phone accessories and you are looking for new cutting edge technology, most likely you would search the Internet for new vendors from all over the world.

Most likely, you will strike gold and find what your looking for. In this case we can assist you in theĀ  Freight Forwarding part of the shipment, customs clearance and delivery to your own warehouse or our warehouse.

In other cases, you are not that lucky and you can not find the right product. This is where we come in. We will source the product for you, make sure is what you are looking for and help you negotiate the agreement with your vendor.

The Logistics of Procurement

  • We will find the product you need.
  • Verify it matches the specifications you have spelled out
  • Make sure the source is legitimate and in compliance with al local and international regulations.
  • Make sure that the product is labeled according to requirement.
  • If needed we can oversee the financial transaction.
  • Arrange for Ocean or Air shipping, customs clearance and compliance.
  • If asked, we can get involved with dispute resolution.

Our Contract logistics division located at 3500 NW 114th Avenue has been offering procurement services successfully to many of the local businesses.


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