How 5G Wireless will Change the Logistics Industry

New 5G Wireless technology promises to make everything connected. The Next Generation 5G wireless  will supercharge cell phones, but its real potential lies it potential to power everything electronic other than smart phones.

The New technology with greatly influence a technology hungry field like Logistics.

Right now, GPS is used to track trucking companies who carry shipments that are loaded on trucks, wouldn’t be nice to be able to track your pallet live knowing exactly where it is? 5G wireless promises to be faster with less latency.

Warehouses use RF ( Radio frequency ) to transmit data through the warehouse to track an package from the time the order is placed until the package leave the warehouse, providing weight, dims to the WMS system?  How would you like to have that data available live from the time the order is entered until the end user signs for it under one platform. Imagine that application being applied to international shipments too.

What we are looking at is your 3PL company being able to offer all the information about your package from the time you end an order to ship until it is delivered.

5G wireless promises to be the holy grail of logistics.

Factories have relied in wires for along time since wireless technology is spotty and slow making it hard for machines to perform their functions. Now factories will benefit from the speed of 5G technology so will the shipping companies.

We are looking at being able to track the container while at see without having to rely on the internet portal of the shipping company  Your will be able to see the location of your container live on a map even if it being trucked from one location to another.

But don’t hold your breath, you will not see the full power of this technology until probably 5 years from now as cellular providers complete building the network.

Ms. Krys Siles, a spokesperson for International 3PL, a Miami Based 3Pl Company, stated that implementing 5G wireless is a priority for international 3Pl and it will be applied to both the freight forwarding division  and Contract Logistics division.

5G wireless costs will be passed on to the consumers, all 5G Wireless devices will cost more. Right now it is a race with time for German and Chinese Businesses trying to upgrade to 5G.

If you are planning on buying a 5G capable phone, you should wait. it will be 2 years at least before there is in enough coverage. 5G is faster but has less capability of penetrating walls.



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