FDA Approved Warehouses

FDA Approved Warehouses

FDA Approved warehouses are required to handle the storage, Cross Docking and distribution  of all food products and supplements.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates food, beverage, and dietary supplements intended for consumption in the United States by Humans or Animals. FDA Registration is required for all facilities that manufacture, process, pack or store food, beverage and Dietary Supplements

Prior notice is required before food shipments may enter the United States. A Bar code prior notice confirmation number issued by the FDA must accompany most shipments. All foreign companies must have a designated U.S. agent.

As an importer of food products or supplements, you need to have an FDA number. The manufacturer may either apply for an FDA number or assign an U.S. Agent.

Your International Freight Forwarder must be aware of the nature of the product being imported. If it is a food product, they will ask for the FDA number.

FDA Approved Warehouses

If you are importing products such as meat, poultry, vegetables or fruits that will require the approval of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Many warehouses in Miami are not aware that they need to get the certification authorizing them to handle the storage and distribution of food products. Even if you are only doing the fulfillment for coffee beans or tea, you still need to have the warehouse approved by the FDA

International 3PL, possesses the necessary certifications from the FDA to store, pack and repack, and distribute food and beverages. This makes us one of the few 3PL Companies that can handle the fulfillment of food products.

We also can help you get all the necessary certifications and permits to import food products.

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