Why outsource Fulfillment Solutions?

Fulfillment Services

Outsourcing Fulfillment Solutions is a good option for many companies especially startups who might be strapped for cash o lack the experience. It is also a fast and efficient way to introduce their products to the market without having to wait to build the infrastructure needed for fulfillment.

There are so many new products being introduced to the market mostly by small businesses who have launched their new website, promoted it and are looking forward to a bunch of orders coming in. They depend on e-fulfillment to success.

A large portion of these companies outsource their fulfillment solutions to Amazon because they get the exposure they need, achieve a better ranking for their website and get access to cheap shipping rates. Due to the rising cost of Fulfillment by Amazon, the numerous mistakes made by Amazon fulfillment centers ranging from double shipment to inaccurate counts and of course unfair practices by Amazon where they can take away your brand because it is successful, many companies are looking for other  Fulfillment centers to handle their business.  Most of these companies still do business with Amazon just for the exposure but sell the majority of their items using other channels.

Why Outsource Fulfillment Solutions

  1. Cost Reduction:  If you have to have your own operation, warehouse, employees and equipment, you are looking at a large investment that you might not be able to afford.  It might be a good idea to use the services of a Fulfillment Company.
  2. Lack of Experience: Leave it to the pros. Learn from them and if it is economically feasible, you can do your own fulfillment.
  3. Tap into cheaper shipping rates: most 3pl companies  have access to multiple shipping companies and the huge discounts that come with it.

Over the last 15 years many companies, even with huge capital behind them, used third party logistics companies to handle their fulfillment needs.

International 3PL has been handling fulfillment for small and large companies.  It is what we do.

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