Gateway to the Americas

Miami Freight Forwarders

Miami offers easy access to every business in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. Cultural ties to those regions, and experienced freight service providers smooth transactions with Latin American partners. If you are looking for the right place to be when conducting business with South America, Miami is the place to be.

Miami freight Forwarders

When you consider the volume of cargo that passes between Florida and South America, along with Central America and the Caribbean; the numbers are mind boggling. Business transactions conducted involving one or more Latin American companies; and the Miami-based service providers with expertise in Latin American trade are off the charts.

That geographic advantage translates into vast volumes of international trade. Florida is the number-one trading partner of every nation in Latin America and the Caribbean except Mexico.

The concentration of service providers in Miami, and the large volume of traffic in and out of its seaport, is a huge source of revenue to many Miami Freight Forwarders.

Having so much cargo moving through Miami has given rise to a phenomenal number of Miami Freight forwarders, both the good and the bad. You have some of the largest and most reputable companies and you have some of the worst ones. Remember that service is key, it is not always about price. You eventually get what you pay for. There are some horror stories out there.

Your best would be to check the online reputation of the freight forwarder you plan to work with. Ask for references and meet with the back office staff.