Last Mile Delivery

Last Mile Delivery

Last mile delivery is the movement of goods from a transportation hub such as a common carrier’s warehouse to the final delivery destination which is most cases a residence.

Last Mile Delivery has become an integral part of fulfillment. As retailers compete for same or next day delivery, they are always looking for companies that handle the last portion of the delivery to the customer.

Some of those last mile delivery companies also offer white glove service in order to offer a complete customer experience.

White Glove services refers to the inside delivery and sometime installation of a product that a consumer has purchased such as furniture that weighs too much and needs a few people to carry and place inside a residence. Many online retailers offer these services to their clients which creates a good customer experience and therefo re customer loyalty.

As an example of last mile delivery, let us assume you live in Miami and have purchased a refrigerator from an online retailer, the refrigerator shipped from another state. You are expecting delivery to your home which happens to be in a gated community where large commercial trucks are not allowed. The Retailer will ship the fridge to a distribution hub in your city and then hire the services of a last mile delivery company in Miami to deliver to your home and install the refrigerator.

Some of the common carriers are now offering last mile delivery as part of their logistics Services.

Last Mile Delivery and Omni channel fulfillment

With Evolving ominichannel fulfillment, Last Mile Logistics has become an area of interest for a retailer and has been integrated into their fulfillment channels.

Due to the surge in online orders traditional delivery methods are just not enough. Faster delivery is demanded by customers who would like to be presented with many delivery options to choose from.

The anticipated increase in online sales is expected to span across a variety of product types which might dictate the delivery option used.

Logistics Companies

It is almost impossible for most common carriers to handle the last delivery in all areas of the USA, it is like creating a whole new business with its own infra structure. Common carriers have opted to outsource that part of the delivery process to: 3PL Companies


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