Cross Border Trucking

cross border trucking

International 3PL Eliminates the confusion from cross border trucking. Shipping your truckload or LTL freight between Canada and anywhere in the lower 48 US states is a breeze.

We deliver premium service to the Mid-West, Eastern Seaboard (Great Lakes region) and as far west to California and other points along the coast.

International 3PL can provide any other services you need to successfully ship your freight across the US/Canada border, including staging services and climate-controlled warehouse storage facilities; whatever you require to better manage your shipment.

When you ship with us, your LTL won’t get held up with other freight.

There is more shipping from Canada to the US, and from the US to Canada than between any two other countries in the world. Shipments across the border between Detroit and Windsor on the Ambassador Bridge alone is equal to all the trade between the United States and Japan.

We keep your cargo safe across the border by ensuring all of our highly trained drivers operate only modern, well-maintained high-grade equipment (less than five years old). Our drivers are all experienced in cross border shipping and are all fully capable of handling any concerns that may arise during transport. We use e-logs as addition insurance that the safety of your freight is ensured through responsible driving.

Our Cross Border Trucking Services

  • Truckload service
  • LTL service
  • Temperature controlled service (cold, frozen and heated)
  • Flatbed service
  • Dedicated service
  • Cross-dock and warehousing services
  • U.S. and Canadian bonded
  • Safety minded initiatives (new fleet, e-logs)
  • Onsite driver training program—(introductory and remedial)
  • CTPAT and PIP
  • Available 24/7
  • Complete EDI capabilities

The more you know about cross-border freight shipments, the faster and easier they become. Our team of cross-border cargo specialists puts their unmatched experience and expertise to work on every project.

Contact us for any questions regarding your shipment from Canada to the U.S.