Collection Services

Collections Masters

Collection MastersInternational 3PL has partnered with collections Masters to offer receivables management services.

Even if you have a profitable business yet you have a lot of outstanding debt, most likely in a year or two, you will not have enough cash to fund you operation. That is why you need a professional company to handle your credit and collections.
Collections masters offers many services other than debt recovery, we offer factoring and purchase order financing.

A professional collection service such as collections masters can assist you in collecting accounts that remain delinquent. we  have a vast knowledge of collection techniques, technology and compliance issues. Using a our service will save time and likely yield better results than you can achieve on your own.

When accounts reach 90 to 120 days past due, it’s time to consider placing them with a collection agency. If you wait over a year it is unlikely you will get paid, but possible. If you are letting something sit on your books and grow older without actively pursuing it, it is worth it to give it to a collection agency. It’s not going to get collected if you keep it, and the percentage you will pay the agency will be well worth it.

We focus on the total solution for your company cash flow. Such services include:

  • Debt Recovery.
  • Factoring.
  • Purchase order Financing.
  • Forensic accounting.
  • Credit worthiness assessment.
  • Credit Insurance.

We work with lading companies in the US and around the world to make sure that you have the cash that you need to operate your business.