Carbon Free Shipping

carbon free Shipping

Carbon free shipping is aiming at reducing the carbon footprint created by large container ships. 85% of all cargo around the world is shipped using mega ships. Shipping Companies  are under a lot of pressure to meet the requirements of the International Maritime Organization.

The Shipping industry is going through a transformation that has not been seen in 100 years by switching from Heavy Fuel powered ships to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).  Some of the largest container shipping operators have already placed orders for ships powered by LNG.

Impact of Carbon Free shipping on the Environment

It is estimated that the use of LNG will reduce carbon emissions by around 20% however; there is draw back.  Methane is the main ingredient of natural gas.  Some of it will still be released into the atmosphere when natural gas does not burn fully.  LNG manufacturers claim to be able to produce engines that will release less liquefied natural gas.

Some scientists claim that using LNG in ships will emit more greenhouse gases than ships using traditional fuels.

The other problem facing ship operators is that the cost of manufacturing LNG powered ships is higher than traditionally powered ships however; the cost to operate is significantly less heavy fuel powered ships.

Many mega retailers have been looking for a solution to reduce the carbon foot print of shipping their products. They have instructed their Logistics Providers to use LNG powered ships when they become available in about 2 years.

This does not change the fact that many of the products being shipped by those mega retailers are not environmentally friendly and are a major cause of pollution in the world.

International 3PL is committed to reducing the carbon foot print by using Liquefied natural Gas-powered ships. We have a signed agreement with CMA shipping line to start using LNG powered ships once available. We will do our best to help reduce greenhouse emissions.  We will be launching a new plant a tree program to help reduce carbon emissions.

Trees remove CO2 from the atmosphere and produce O2. If each one of us plants a tree every year, we will help save the environment.



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