Best Ocean Freight Rates

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Best Ocan Freight Rates


I absolutely love how I can get both air and ocean international shipping rates in 2 minutes or less instead of waiting 24 hours or more . We can now provide a higher level of customer service to our customers by being able to respond to their international import and export requests quicker than ever before. The International 3PL team has been very responsive when I have questions about the shipments that I have booked with them. The international rates and high level of customer service that we received are fantastic.

Carlos. Patio Zona


International 3PL provided me the best rate for my shipping needs and their staff was enjoyable to work with. I look forward to shipping with them again.
Al Miller, Director of Operations, Cabinet Express

The average knowledge worker spends 25%-30% of their day looking for information. Any time we can put useful information in the hands of our clients, it’s a benefit. International 3PL has probided such knowledge
Danny, Granite Express