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Shipping to Africa

If you are looking for Africa shipping services, we make it with our fully integrated shipping and logistics services.

Our main specialties include:

  • Door to Door logistics Services
  • Customs Clearance Documentation
  • Air and Sea Freight Services
  • Marine and Cargo Insurance pre-arrangements
  • Cost effective, Reliable and Secure cargo service

Our business model provides an end to end solution for all of your transportation and logistics needs.
Customers enjoy the benefits of a fully integrated domestic and international network that allows them to implement supply chain solutions throughout the world.

With a strong focus on time-critical shipments, International 3PL Focuses on quality performance and time-definite delivery while remaining flexible in service options.

You can basically ship anything you want. With most things, you don’t need a permit to ship containers to Africa unless the commodity you are shipping requires licensing. You can read more below about licensing.

Need to send only one pallet of goods in a shared container to Africa? How about a 20ft or 40ft container. To get you the cost to ship a container to Africa, we need a few things from you. 1) Location of goods 2) How many pallets or containers 3) Destination Country 4) What are you shipping.

The first step involves sending our truck driver with an empty container to wherever your product is located, at which point the container is filled. The truck driver then transports the full container to the appropriate shipping docks for loading onto the ship.

With our partnerships in Africa, we are able to offer competitive and effective Africa shipping services