Why Do Companies Use 3PL Providers

TPL Providers

Third party logistics Provides ( TPL Providers ) are companies that work with the owner of goods to outsource numerous components of it’s logistics to 3PL Providers that can perform the management function of the clients’ customs, inbound freight, distribution, warehousing, order fulfillment and outbound freight to the client’s customers .

Why Do Companies Use TPL Providers ?

Most companies selling or producing goods use a TPL Company for at least some domestic functions and nearly all global operations. That’s because third party logistic providers generate a range of benefits for companies who engage them.

Companies say they use 3PLs in order to:

Reduce current cost: Cost management is still the number one priority for shippers

3PLs often have scale advantage across their total operations.

Reduce future cost by leveraging the 3PL’s expertise and technology.

Improve customer satisfaction, with accurate order fulfilment and on-time delivery. The best 3PLs have real-time tracking and event management systems to provide real-time alerts when delays occur and are able to respond to change more rapidly and efficiently.

Provide global expertise. This includes documentation, customs, freight forwarding services, duty optimization, global airfreight, etc.

Reduce risk. This includes a range of risks like people risk.

Enable start-up. Logistics and the associated systems, along with labor acquisition, can involve significant capital requirements for a start-up operation. Even in an existing company, sufficient internal management resources may not be available to deploy this task. The 3PL can provide this support for a start-up operation.

Companies expect their 3PL to take direction, respond rapidly, and generate ideas for improvement. They further expect the 3PL to become a strategic partner in efficiently growing the business.

What Customer Service Capabilities Should a 3PL Company Have?


An efficient 3PL Company may get the job done, but if you focus on a provider that is known for why they operate, rather than how your overall experience will be much more pleasant.

A great 3PL has customer service capabilities that can reduce your workload in any way possible by offering a customer service team that is experienced in tracking, expediting, data procurement, reporting invoicing and auditing.