Import Compliance

Import Compliance

Having an import compliance program is key to the success of any business. Here is why

A trade compliance program lays the groundwork for how you need to behave and ensures you are meeting your legal obligations with Customs and other government agencies.

Not having a compliance program in place increases your exposure to penalties. An established compliance program goes a long way towards mitigating any penalties you do receive

A compliance program will also save your company money. You heard it right here.  Save. You. Money. It will help you avoid audits, penalties, and border delays.

If your organization classifies all imported goods, declares their correct value, HS Code, appropriate duties and complying with all other import regulations. Non-compliance may result in seizure or loss of goods, robust fines and other penalties. Implementing an Import Compliance program serves as a precautionary defense against audits from the Customs and Boarders Protection (CBP).

If you do have one in place, make sure it is reviewed by an expert.  If you work with a Customs broker, they could be a great resource for this type of consulting. You’re even able to find companies that will do an assessment of your program and advise you on whether you need further help. International 3PL offers Import or Export Compliance Appraisal services.

Import Compliance Services

  • Country of Origin Determination
  • Drawback Management
  • Duty Optimization
  • Entry Verification
  • FTA Management
  • Global Classification
  • Global Trade Content
  • Government Connectivity
  • Importer Security Filing (ISF) or 10+2
  • Landed Cost Management

International 3PL will analyze your current import compliance procedures, assess how well your organization complies with current import regulations and present a plan to address any compliance gaps and risks. Once formal import compliance policies are established, we create operational procedures based on your company business model, operations, philosophies and strategies. We provide recommendations for improvements to your current operations and develop an import training program that you can utilize with your internal and external customers. 

Contact us if you’d like more information or just need a kind ear to listen to your trade compliance worries.